Mary, Our Lady of Ephesus

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Festival of Lights

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Rosary Cenacle:  1st Sunday of the Month
Feast of the Rosary:  Oct 07, 2023 Celebration Date
Festival of Lights:  Sunday Before Christmas
Mercy Sunday:  1st Sunday after Easter
Stations of the Cross:  Sundays in Lent *
Feast of the Assumption:  Aug 15th

* Sundays during Lent we will do the Stations of the Cross on snowshoes at 3:00 pm or inside if you're not able to snowshoe. Hot Chocolate following the Stations. Please come and join us.

Donald F. Tarinelli passed away at Grace Cottage
in Townshend on December 4, 2012.
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May Our Lady of Ephesus Keep You in Her Care

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